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GSK CNC Machining Centers, Milling Machines, Boring Mills, Drilling Machines

We would like to offer several options to upgrade your existing CNC machines. We offer CNC components sold with motors, drives and cables that you can replace exiting components on an existing machine, or pre-wired electrical enclosures that replace exiting control boxes. GSK has been doing retrofits on existing machines for many years and as a result has developed the PLC information to make a very smooth transition from older electronics to a whole new generation of CNC systems. We have the earlier 980MCD-H Machining center control that is an analog system and the control will work with your existing motors and drives. The new digital systems require that the motors and drives work with the newer CNC controls. We are working with a network on machine tool integrators that can provide local support for retrofits. We can also assist with the mechanical components, motor mounts, spindle rebuilds and motion control repairs ball screw and linear rails. We also can send a technician out to dial in the tool changer and tune the system after the installation of the new components. Use the Dropbox link to see additional accessories, photos and documents for these controls. Call to discuss your specific requirements.

GSK980MDc Machining Center, and Milling Machine CNC control. Analog control that can be used as a retrofit control to work with existing motors and drives, or we can provide a complete system. Cost based on the number of and size of selected motors and drives.

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