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CNC Machine Tools

Thanks for considering our machine tool products as you look at your options for a machine tool supplier in this ever-changing market place.

We have been purchasing single piece high quality castings for the many years and assembling completed machine tool systems in California with GSK and Fanuc CNC controls, motors, and drives. Through this process we are able to add a wide range of value-added engineering options to our machines in order to address specific machining requirements. The latest digital generation of GSK and Fanuc CNC controls motors and drives that have absolute encoders and are very modular in design and have made the assembly and support of machines much simpler compared to CNC machine tools of the past. All of the machines on this page of our website we assemble in Southern California.

The one exception are the machines we purchase as completed machines (found on the Economy Machine Product Options link) with the same GSK CNC controls, motors and drives we use on our own machines. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to discussing our products with you in greater detail.

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