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Special Order Machines

Over the years we have built machines with custom features or specifications to solve specific machining challenges. We have relations with a number of builders producing large capacity or other special features. This can prove to be a very affordable option for your selection of a machine instead of traditional sources.

Please call or email us to discuss your specific needs.

We are delighted to present the 400S & 400SY dual spindle lathes. The 400S is a 5-axes CNC lathe (X1+Z1+Z3+C1+C2) and the 400SY is a 6-axes CNC lathe with (X1+Y1+Z1+Z2+C1+C2) controls additional axis can drive live tools for tapping operations etc. We are confident that you will find this product a versatile, flexible and reliable addition to your company’s manufacturing capabilities. These dual spindle model lathes solve the challenges of machining the front and backside of parts 2 in diameter with the A2-6 main spindle and an A2-5 spindle nose on the counter spindle. This machine design includes a single power driven tool turret with two sided tool positioning, and a 10-axis CNC control that that we can program the driven tools with the multiple axis. Complete turret details available later in this document. With the 400SY the turret can be positioned by a servo driven ball screw with 4.7” or 120 mm of programmable of Y-Axis travel. Our driven tool spindles can perform axial milling, drilling, boring, broaching, radial milling and gear hobbing, and tapping functions.


Machine both first and second operations simultaneously with CNC New, Inc. Dual Spindle Lathes.

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