GSK RB08 6-Axis CNC Machine Loading & Unloading: Load 17.6 Lbs. Reach 54"


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GSK RB08 6-Axis CNC Machine Loading & Unloading used for applications with CNC machine tools both machining centers and turning centers. Other applications include Load/unload gear machines, motor shafts, die-casting machines, punching machines and many other possible applications.

Year: New
Location: Southern California
Status: 8-16 Week Lead Time
Manufacturer: GSK CNC Equipment Co., LTD.

GSK RB08 6-Axis CNC Machine Loading & Unloading used for applications with CNC machines. Payload maximum of 8 kg or 17.6 pounds weight, 1,389mm or 54" radius range. Programming terminology between robot varies. GSK uses the programming terminology of J1 to J6 for their 6-Axis robots. Other robots reference the axis as SLURBT. (S) Swing or swivel, (L) lower Arm, (U) Upper Arm, (R) Rotate, (B) Bend, (T) Twist for Robot programming. The GSK communications between the CNC control and the Robot is very intuitive and seamless operation single source provider. Program instruction of the robot can be accomplished in as little as a single day of instruction. The arm can be manually moved and will memorize those movements in a teach in mode, which is more than enough capability for pick and place operations. The grippers can be configured to simulate hand movements. Situations where a robot should be considered include a long run of a single part, or a family of parts, heavy parts, parts that should not be touched because they are hot, cold, sharp, radioactive or otherwise dangerous to handle. Parts can be fed to the machine in bulk on trays, or from a feeder or parts conveyor. Our mechanical engineering group can make recommendations on grippers, end-effectors, part load and unload tray, conveyor and pallet systems as well as complete enclosures as part of a complete system. The RB08 Robot is the product we include as a complete system with our CNC machine tool line. Price includes robot, electrical cabinet, controller system, installation with a day of training not including travel costs or per diem expenses. Items to be determined would include grippers, fixtures, material handling requirements, palletizing, part conveyors, pick & place trays, enclosures and other auxiliary equipment including additional training.