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Machine Tending Services




Top of the Line CNC Services and Machine Tending!


We offer professional CNC Services and Machine Tending, as well as accessories such as vibratory bowls, bar feeds, clip-style blank loaders, and more.


CNC New, Inc. Machine Tending vs "The Other Guys"

In an ever-expanding world of automation, it should be easy to find a company to assist with the set-up of a completely automated system. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. Companies that provide the products will outsource you to other companies that will assist in the set-up of a Turnkey System and most of the time they charge an astronomical price. With CNC New, Inc. that won't happen! Your automated system shouldn't cost you a robotic arm and leg! We offer a number of machine tending services. With services like robotic arms, vibratory bowls, barfeeds, automated blank loading, lights-out production, turnkey systems, and many more. We can help with your machine tending needs.




We have a large robotic line for many different industries to tackle the problems that companies face in the modern age. Whether it is simply loading a machine or taking a company to full automation, we can help.


Added Value Automation Accessories

CNC New, Inc. has a multitude of experience when it comes to helping customers automate with accessories like vibratory bowls, barfeeds, clip-style blank loaders, and a multitude of other systems. We also work with customers to integrate older systems with their new machine that requires automation in order to help our customers save money.


Lights-out Production

CNC New, Inc. can help companies take a product from start to finish without it ever being touched by a human hand. Using our products and know-how from us, companies can rely on their product will be produced in a streamlined fashion that will save you money.

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