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Gang Tool Turret Riser Plates

Each model of GT has a lower tool table height as originally built. The table heights of the machines are as follows: GT-5 is at 45 mm or 1.77", GT-7 begins at 55 mm or 2.1", the GT-10 starts at 70 mm or 2.7" center height and the GT-15 which starts at 97 mm or 3.81" center height. The riser plates are offered in 12" or 17" lengths for the GT-5 and GT-7 models. The 17" riser cover the entire t-slot or the original table. We offer 12" riser plates for the GT-10 and GT-15 models. The machines original table is 24" so if you want to use 3/4" tool holders on the entire travel of the models you would purchase two 12" riser that would cover the original t-slot of the machine. This flexibility allows us to install much larger live tool spindles and grinders on the machines and allows us to offer much stronger tool holders and tooling to compliment the larger motors and ball screws of the machines. Optional 1/2" center height riser tool plate tables available on request.

GT-7 tool riser plate 17" in length for 3/4" tool holders.

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