LS-120 SL-5 Gang Tool 8-Station Hydraulic Turret


SL-5 Turning Center with Quick Change Gang Tool Turret and tail stock and 30 mm dove tail tooling turret design allowing quick change tooling and easy to locate centers.

Year: New
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Status: New
Manufacturer: CNC New, Inc.

This turret offered on the SL-5 Turret Lathe with a tail stock. Includes 30mm shaft gang tool dove tail posts tool holder disc. The ability to preserve complex set-ups and keep permanent tool stations in place has never been better. This is a rigid and versatile turret that will expand the machines capabilities by adding several additional tool stations. By utilizing the turret with our dovetail tool holder posts and the same gang tool holders used on the rest of the machine turrets have never been quicker to change tools, more accurate and more affordable to operate. Easy to locate center. CNC New 8-Station Turret inside mechanism employs parallel cam, featuring high indexing accuracy and fast tool change. Turret rotation is driven by hydraulic motor for high torque output and maximum stability. Turret clamping/ unclamping is operated through hydraulic power, assuring smooth motion and permitting for heavy duty machining. The turret can be mounted at right or left side with random tool selection function. Tool disk options included CNC New gang tool dovetail design tools or VDI-20 and or VDI-30 tool disks. Other tooling options available on request.