Retrofitting and Rebuild

CNC New, Inc. engineers and production staff work closely with you to meet your remanufacturing, repair, and overhaul requirements. Extensive engineering and design capabilities, combined with hands-on experience, enable CNC New, Inc. to restore CNC machines to prime working condition at a lower cost.

Failed or damaged gang tool lathes or CNC machines that are not cost-effective to repair or rebuild, can be replaced by new machines (standard or custom) and delivered to your mill by CNC New, Inc.

CNC New, Inc.’s experienced engineers and machinists have in-depth knowledge of custom manufactured hydraulic and mechanical components including quantities of controls, gears, axles, spindles, and other mechanical components. Our skilled technicians are trained by the leading manufacturers to ensure that all remanufactured units are built with components that meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

Retrofitting and rebuilding services are available for older models of machines. We are replacing the Fagor 8025T controls and MCG motors with new components on a regular basis. Please call to discuss the options for rebuilding your existing Accuslide, Rock Solids, or complete Gang Tool Lathes.

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