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CNC New, Inc. Customer Service Framework

CNC New, Inc. provide its customers with tools and technologies to help them, but the basis of our success lies within the framework of customer service which establishes our company and exemplifies our mission. Here are the building blocks we use for a solid customer service framework:

  • A clear, stated vision of what our company does and how it does it, with employees who understand that vision, and will make it their own.

  • Stated promises that we strive to keep. We give you quality and quickness: two aspects that matter most.

  • Ready access. We give you tools to find the information or the people you need. Technology plays a vital role as we have established networks by which you gain access via your computer or telephone. When you press a number or click a button, we give you the path to a live assistant. No technology can substitute for a real person who has the knowledge and the authority to solve a customer’s problems.

  • CNC New, Inc. has linked Sales and Service Departments. CNC New, Inc.’s salespeople have accountability for quality and quickness with a commitment to the customer instead of a focus on his own success in numbers. Our CSR department, as well as our sales staff, are accountable when things go wrong. We have created a corporate body in which both hands, the head, and the feet are part of one accountable being. Every department shares in the goal of excellent customer service.

  • Authority to resolve problems is what our front-line people do to keep you happy. Companies that don’t trust their CSRs engender fear in the employees that becomes an unwillingness to provide the "on-the-spot" solutions that create loyal customers. "I’ll have to check with my supervisor", is a formula for disaster. There is a high correlation between excellent customer service ratings, a solid bottom line, and employee loyalty. We have built these strengths into our structure. We have taught our staff to say, "I can fix that." and we have given them the authority to do it.

  • Our service goes beyond expectations. If we’ve made a mistake, we fix it. When all is said and done and the dust has settled, we will follow up with you. "How did we do?" "Is there something else you need?"

  • We provide a forum that gives a voice to the silent customer at our Blog. We have come to learn that fewer than 10% of dissatisfied customers actually complain to the company, but they do complain to each other. They’ll tell other people what we did wrong, even if they never tell us. What we don’t know can certainly hurt us.

With this framework, CNC New, Inc. strives to be at the top of customer service within the manufacturing industry. We hope to help you as best as we can and provide you with products, service, and solutions that your business needs.

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