GSK Robotic Products
GSK founded in 1991 producing Numerical Controls in the South China market has had rapid growth and believes the future growth is in intelligent manufacturing where CNC Technology and artificial intelligence will change industry and the way we all live. Some of the applications that are covered with this line of robots is load/unload for machine tools, measuring parts for a coordinate measuring machine, loading materials on punching and fabricating equipment, welding applications and for stacking boxes and bags and other packaging applications. Material handling robot applications include collaborative, injection molding, machine tending, order picking, palletizing, pick and place, vision, dispensing, machine loading, material handling, packaging, part transfer, press tending. Other applications include 3D laser vision, assembly, cleanroom, cutting, drilling, foundry, laser cutting, meat processing, automation, painting automation, refueling, sanding, thermal spray, appliance automation, bonding/sealing, coating, beburring, fiberglass cutting, grinding, material removal, milling, polishing, routing, spindling and waterjet.

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