New Machines
Thank you for taking a minute to look at the unique products that we are providing our customers. With more than twenty years of experience building machine tools, we are now benefitting from the much improved quality of both mechanical and electronic components. Our collected expertise working with the new CNC components is making it possible to produce affordable machines of an excellent quality that are extremely serviceable for the long haul. We have been developing value added engineering accessories for years that are now available on our new machines. Machine models include a very unique gang tool lathe line of machines that include a gang tool turret model, mill-turn attachments, servo driven power mill Y-Axis modules and other automated features to solve loading and unloading issues common in a manufacturing process. We also have available turning centers with tail stocks and a choice of VDI, BMT, Gang Tool, and Power Driven tool turrets. Our machining centers are available with box ways and the very powerful GSK cnc control. The standard features on these models makes them a much more cost effective option compared to other manufactures products. Our vendor relationship provide us access to other manufactures of special purpose machines that you also might want to consider. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your upcoming expansion plans.

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