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Single Turret Dual Spindle Mill-Turn Models

These are the single turret with and without Y-Axis system power tool turret machines for the DSY Lathes. Use the Dropbox link to see additional accessories, photos and documents for these machines. Call to discuss your specific requirements.

We are delighted to present the DS-40 & DSY-40 dual spindle lathes. The DS-40 is a 5-axes CNC lathe(X1+Z1+Z3+C1+C2) and the DSY-40 is a 6-axes CNC lathe with (X1+Y1+Z1+Z2+C1+C2) controls additional axis can drive live tools for tapping operations etc. We are confident that you will find this product a versatile, flexible and reliable addition to your company’s manufacturing capabilities.

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