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NSK iSpeed Swiss Type Spindles

The NSK iSpeed Swiss Type Spindles utilize electric motors, which puts much less demand on your facilities air compressor. The electric live tool motors can rotate forward or in reverse. The controller governs right-hand or left-hand rotation.

Electric options also offer more precise spindle speed control. Changes in incoming air pressure will alter the spindle speed of a pneumatic motor, but will not affect an electric system's spindle speed.

These spindles are available in an outside diameter of the following sizes 0.75", 0.79", 0.87" and 0.98" (19.05, 20, 22 and 25 mm). Spindle RPM 1,000-80,000 with 150W output. These are single piece spindles and motors with shorter lengths which are ideal for use on gang tool lathes.

The iSpeed3 series have sensorless motors and are equipped with super-precision hybrid ceramic bearings for longer life. CNC New, Inc. provides tool holders that will allow mounting these spindles in axial, radial, or a vertical orientation. This option is an affordable system providing the use of two spindles with the system.

Below is a sample of the most common selections used with our machines for the iSpeed Series Motor/Spindles.

NSK iSpeed Spindle Cable

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EMCD-BM3S-4M Quick disconnect motor cable straight

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