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NSK Electric Spindles

Because they utilize electric motors, they put less demand on your facility's air compressors. The electric live tool motors can rotate forward or in reverse. The controller governs right-hand or left-hand rotation. Electric options also offer more precise spindle speed control. Changes in incoming air pressure will alter the spindle speed of a pneumatic motor but will not affect an electric system;s spindle speed.

A motor can be rotated within the range of 5,000 rpm to the maximum output rating of the motor in increments of 1,000 rpm. Motors are available in speed ranges of up to 60,000 rpm.

This option requires the purchase of a control unit and selector unit that supplies power and cooling to the motor mounted to the gang tool plate. The E-3000 control has the capability of controlling four spindles, each with a unique speed setting. The spindles cannot be operated simultaneously. The addition of a communication cable is required if the operator desires to control spindle start/stop from within the part program.

In "Description" of motors: 350W = 350 Watts (Power) "60K" = 60,000. Spindles come equipped with a 1/8" collet and chuck nut and two wrenches. All NSK live tooling systems include the spindle and a motor. The spindle contains the collet chuck that the cutting tool mounts to. Reduction gear units are available for electric spindles to increase cutting torque. When mounted, the reduction gear slows rotation of the spindle proportionally. They are available in up to 16:1 ratios. Use of a reduction gear will increase torque allowing for more aggressive cuts than possible when using only a spindle and motor.

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