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Single Bar Hydraulic Bar Feeds

CNC New is now providing a very price competitive solution for single bar hydrodynamic bar feed system. There are many benefits operating a hydraulic system over pneumatic and mechanical systems. A hydrodynamic barfeed is safe, quiet and provides quick-change overs. This bar feeder can handle material to 1-3/4" diameter. We are offering a range of feed tubes to facilitate a broad range of sizes with less than 5-minute feed tube changeover. The gang tool lathes have a short headstock so the loader type systems are not a good match for our machines. The material does not turn inside a loader so the length of the material that you can work with is limited. We have successfully built support stands that attach to the back of the spindle, and for specific production this concept can work. We also work with LNS, MTA and Edge manufactures and their magazine type bar feeds ranging from 6' to 12' foot material. Prices range from $20,000 to $32,000. We can provide information from these manufactures on request. We are offering two sizes of Hydrodynamic systems to consider. The FB system can accommodate sizes from 4 mm to 26 mm, and the larger FT system ranges in sizes from 7 mm to 45 mm. The feed tubes are engineered to work with a 8mm range of material. Example is the 18mm feed tube could work with material down to 10mm diameter. These are approximate estimations and will be impacted by type of material and straightness of the bars. CNC Hydrodynamic system is 12.5' overall length and can accommodate material to a maximum length of 8.2'. We also recommend spindle liners with this item to maximize the support of the material and quiet & safe operation of the system.

Material to 45mm or 1.77". Overall length of system is 12.5', maximum bar length 8.2'. This unit comes with of 26mm, 34mm, 42mm and 45mm feed tubes. Good selection to work with the GT-ISL-50 lathe model.

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