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Gang Tool Holders

3/4" center height tool holders for the GT-5, GT-7, GT-10 and GT-15 along with the dual spindle gang lathes. The front lip of the T-Slot is much thicker with the 3/4" holders than the earlier 1/2" tool holders by design. In order to take full advantage of the larger ball screws and motors and available tooling the 3/4" tool option is the best selection. We offer options of riser blocks to bring you to specific tool heights. On the tooling riser plates we have an extra thick front lip using larger T-Nuts and much more rigid tool holders and tooling. We have available tool holders that are easy mounting of 1, 2, 3, 7 and 9 position tool holders, for complex setups depending upon tool layouts. We also have tool holders for live tooling set-ups. 1/2" Tool Holder and riser tool plates available on request.

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