V6 Vertical Machining Center

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The V6​ vertical machining center comes standard with a 20-station automatic tool changer, full sheet metal enclosure, BT40 Servo Spindle Motor & Drive, auto lubrication system and GSK 218MC-H CNC control and motors and drives. This is a very rigid and well-built mechanical system and able to hold very close tolerances of complex parts. This machine comes standard with an 10,000-rpm spindle.

The GSK CNC control follows the same programming format as Fanuc, and the control is extremely user friendly. 




Year: New
Location: Santa Ana, California
Status: New



V6 Specifications:





X Axis

24 in

600 mm

Y Axis

12.5 in

320 mm

Z Axis

18 in

450 mm

Spindle Nose to Table(~min)

2.8 in

70 mm

Spindle Nose to Table(~max)

20.5 in

520 mm

Spindle Center to Column Guide way

14 in

360 mm



39 in

1000 mm


12.5 in

320 mm

T-Slot Width

.7 in

18 mm

T-Slot Center Distance

3.9 in

100 mm

Number of Std T-Slots



Max Weight on Table (evenly distributed)

661 lbs

300 kg


Max Rating

10/15 hp

7.5/11 kw

Speed Range

10-10000 rpm

10-10000 rpm

Pull Stud Type

MAS 403 P40T-Ⅰ

MAS 403 P40T-Ⅰ





Rapid on X

65.6 ft/min

20 m/min

Rapid on Y

65.6 ft/min

20 m/min

Rapid on Z

49 ft/min

15 m/min

Max Cutting

39 ft/min

10 m/min








Max Tool Diameter(full)



Max Tool Weight

17.6 lbs



Positioning Accuracy

±0.005/300 JIS

±0.005/300 JIS

Repeat Positioning Accuracy

±0.005/300 JIS

±0.003/300 JIS

Overall Dimension

79x63x93 in

2000x1600x2350 mm

Machine Weight

6614 lbs


    * All specifications and picture are subject to change without notice.


Machining Abilities:

Max. Drilling:           Φ24 mm (.95 in)

Max. Tapping:         Φ16 mm (.63 in)

Max Milling:            150 cm3/min (0.40 gal)


Standard Configuration

  1. 10,000rpm servo spindle unit
  2. 20-tools side-mount dual-arm tool changer
  3. GSK 218MC CNC controller
  4. Rigid tapping
  5. Spindle orientation
  6. Absolute encoder servo system
  7. High-speed high-precision machining mode. 
  8. 1000 blocks look-ahead, NURBS, spline for 3D surface machining. 
  9. Big programs memory, and with USB, LAN, RS232 transfer and DNC. 
  10. Spindle air-blast 
  11. Spindle nose chips clear air blast 
  12. Remote hand wheel (MPG)
  13. Auto lubrication.
  14. Coolant tank and tool coolant system
  15. LED working light
  16. Cabinet heat exchanger
  17. Auto-power off
  18. Tool kit



Machine Construction: High Quality Castings & Reinforced Structures


This vertical machine’s base, table, columns, spindle box, crossbeams are all made of high-grade cast iron. Over the last fifteen years the performance of these systems has been analyzed and designed to provide the most rigid and efficient machine structure possible. The A-type bridge cross-column with the internal grid-like ribs ensure that the Z-axis will be very strong and allow heavy cutting operations while holding excellent tolerances. The casted components follow a rigorous process utilizing resin sand moldings and an aging process to guarantee long-term stability to the entire machine tool structure.


Motion Control Components: Box-Way Construction


This vertical machine’s design incorporates a box way on all three axes of the machine. These box ways provide added rigidity to the machine for heavy cutting and holding very tight tolerances. The box way machines have hand scraped bed ways done in the traditional methods used prior to the development of the linear rail technology.


Motion Control Components: High Precision Ball Screws


This vertical machining center is using P3 grade accuracy ball screws that are precision ground and manufactured by two of the best manufactures in Taiwan, Hiwin and PMI. The design is the inner loop double nut preload large lead screw with a flexible coupling connected directly to the servo motor that eliminates any backlash and ensures positioning accuracy and synchronization with the machine tool. An auto lubrication system is connected directly to the ball screw bearing supports. The ball screws on axes, X, Y and Z are all anchored at both ends of the screw. The machine has fully enclosed way covers to maximize protection from chips and other contamination.


High-Speed Spindles: Rigid Design Spindle Housings (Optional RPM)


This vertical machining center is using a BT40 spindle with 8,000 rpm. The manufacturers of these spindles are Posa, Royal and Spintech all very high-quality manufacturers of spindles from Taiwan. The bearings used with these spindles are NSK from Japan or FAG (made in Germany). Optional spindles of 8,000, 10,000, and 12,000 rpm are available upon request. The spindle is the heart of a CNC machine tool, and the quality and construction of today’s spindles is much improved from earlier CNC machine tool systems.




Automatic Tool Changers: Dual Arm Type (ATC)


This vertical machining center is using a BT40 spindle with a 24-station dual arm (ATC) type tool changer.  The selection of Taiwan’s professional manufacturers for the selection of tool changers guarantees that the system will have had millions of hours of testing and that the tool change accuracy will meet the reliability requirements to provide years of reliable service. Higher capacity tool changers and CT40 tapper tools available on request. The larger models of machining centers have the option for an ARM type tool changer to reduce chip-to-chip times. 



Engineering: Sheet Metal Enclosure, Way Covers, Lubrication


This vertical machining center captures the most modern features to protect and preserve the CNC machines. The machine has a full sheet metal enclosure and built-in coolant tanks to keep the shop floor clean and dry. The way covers are well fitted and protect the motion control components, ball screws, and linear rails from chips and other contaminants. Automatic lubrication system and pump provide interval lubrication of all the motion control components. Toolbox with hand tools included.



GSK 218MC-H Machining Center Control

GSK 218MC-H: Is a high-speed spline interpolation algorithm designed control providing precision surface finishes and is an excellent control for mold making. The CNC system supports GSKLink ethernet bus function and is very easy to connect and supports macro programs (Marco B) for very precise programming. Hardened CNC control where the software is burnted directly into the eproms of the hardware maximizing the reliability of the system.  The GSK 218MC-H works with the GSK GS series AC servo drives and motors. This control is available with a wide selection of motor sizes and drives. Our standard motors come in 80 mm, 110 mm, 130 mm and 175 mm flange sizes with a wide range of torque to select from.  Programing, post processors and operation compatible with Fanuc CNC controls.  The modular design is extremely reliable as well as easily serviced or replaced. Call for a price quote based on the number and size of the motors and drives required. Components can be sold alone or as a pre-wired kit with a complete electrical box and CNC control enclosure and on one of our economical machining center models.

Standard Features:

  • 4-axis simultaneous control 0.001 mm distinguishability 8.4” Color LCD
  • USB interface, PLC online, rigid tapping, look-ahead function, 48 I/O contacts.
  • Excellent high-precision and high-speed interpolation performance: complex curve surface machining effective speed 8m/min: optimum machining speed: 4m/min
  • Maximum positioning speed: 60m/min, Maximum feed rate: 15m/min
  • Up to 1000 block look-ahead capacity, powerful pre-processing function featuring high-speed and high precision surface finishes
  • There are three structural types of controls available; horizontal, vertical, and integrated designs     
  • Optional models include 8.4” 10.4” with color LCD with 800 X 600 resolution
  • The interface is comfortable, friendly, and easy to use
  • Supports Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish language
  • Supports PLC online monitoring, edit, compile, and signal follow instructions
  • Supports turret type, circular, and servo tool magazines, etc.
  • Supports statement-type macro programs (Macro B) which makes the programming more concise    
  • Has an abundant number of help information and large number of prompts making it easy to operate and de-bug 
  • Supports RS232, USB, and network interface and data transfer
  • Also can perform DNC machining and online machining