B326 Magazine Type Servo Controlled Bar Feed Sizes Ø3 to Ø26 mm

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832-B326 Magazine Type Servo Controlled Bar Feed Sizes Ø3 to Ø26 mm (.3" to 1") diameters and feed lengths 1000~3200 mm (39" to 12.5').

Year: New
Location: Southern, CA
Status: New
Manufacturer: CNC Partner

Bar Feed UF-326 is a servo-driven bar feed for both sliding headstock and fixed headstock machines with the range of sizes Ø3 to Ø26 mm (.03 to 1") diameters, and feed lengths 1000–3200 mm (39" to 12.5').

High stability, high efficiency, and low noise unit. This unit is a one-piece fabricated machine body, which features maximum durability and stability. The system allows for quick and convenient replacement of bar channels. Roller-type anti-vibration can be adjusted according to bar sizes. Magazine capacity  Ø10 mm (22 pieces)

<b><u>Bar Feed Specs : SAE METRIC</u></b>
Model Number: 832-B542
Controller & Operation Interface: PLC Control & HMI Touch Panel
Range of Bar Diameters: .05~1-5/8 in 1000~3200 mm
Maximum Bar Length: 12.5" ft, 3200 mm
Magazine Capacity: .39 in 10 mm 27 Bars
Feed Drive: AC Servo Motor
Machine Weight: 1875 lbs., 850 kg
Machine Length: 13.6' ft, 4175 mm
Machine Heigth : 48~57 in, 1225~1455 mm
Height of Spindle : 38~47 in, 970~1200 mm
Machine Width: 30 in, 780 mm
Power Supply: 220-Volt