Basic Automation Package w/ Heavy Duty Milling Package

US$69,670.00 US$64,795.00

This Basic Automation Package with Heavy Duty Milling Package is for those that are doing more than straight turning and want to simplify their processes, can barfeed their parts and want the ability to walk away from the machine without having to constantly worry about refilling the machine or moving your part to the mill for additional machining. The A1BEX Package includes a machine with a 2 Spindle Radial ER-25 Live Tool capable of Rigid Tapping and milling flats, grooves, or interpolating with C-Axis ($6,995), 4' foot barfeed with 3 liners and bar stand ($8,990), pneumatic parts catcher ($3,000), 3/4" Center Line riser plate ($900), pullback collet closer (5C-$1,190, 16C-$1,490, 20C-$2,990) and a $600 tooling budget. CNC New is offering a number of packages to make it easy to order exactly what you need without the hassle of getting a quote. Packages have a discount over building this sytem seperately.