GTS-27 with GSK 980TDi C-Axis (Special Order)


(Special Order) Call for a quote on a remanufactured GTS-27 CNC Gang Tool Lathe with GSK 980TDI CNC control with 5hp servo C-Axis spindle motor and drive.

Year: Remanufactured 2014
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Status: Your Choice
CNC New, Inc

Smaller Space Requirements, The GTS Series Turning Centers provide superior mechanical advantages that equate to longer life, better performance and highly accurate machining specifications. The GTS-27 mm (1.062 inch) and 15 inches of X-axis travel, slant bed lathe is built with the most advanced machine construction technology offered in the industry today with features and flexibility unmatched in an affordable and sophisticated design. This document provides specifications for all models of GTS series machines. This Model includes the digital series GSK 980TDi CNC control with 5hp servo spindle motor and drive, X & Z axis motors with absolute encoders. Super Polymer Mineral Base: The material used in our Super Polymer Mineral Base is superior to all metallic materials in dimensional and thermal stability, as well as being more resistant to chemicals and water. The one-piece Super Polymer Mineral Base absorbs sound and cutting energy, which provides quieter operation, reduces cutter excitement, and produces superior surface finishes. It will not rust; warp, bend, or bow under stress. It also supports faster travel with shorter settling times and enhanced tool life. Blending a variety of mineral fillers with a polymer resin-binding agent produces the Super Polymer composite material.When blended molded, and cured an extremely powerful cross-linked bond is formed producing an exceptionally strong, stable, and durable structure. The end result is an ideal structure for a machine tool base. Previously, polymer construction was only used by large companies like Hardinge , Studer, and Mikron. This superior material technology is universally accepted for its performance and stability advantages but, until now, has only been available in premium priced machines.