LS-200DBR Powered Tool Turret 12-Station Dual Spinle used with the DS-40 & DSY-40 Dual Spindles

870-LS-200DBR Powered Turret

Powered Tool Turret for model DS-40 & DSY-40 lathes, tool shank specifications: VDI40, DIN69880 and DIN5480 W20 X 0.8/ BMT65-ER32


The LS-200DBR turret is used on the DS-40 & DSY-40 tuning centers that have a 12-Station Servo Turret manufactured by Lio Shing one of the largest manufactures of turrets in Taiwan. Specifications include a gear ratio of 1/30, Hydraulic power source: P=40 kg/CM2, and clamping force of 4,240. Design includes three-piece type curvic clutch ensures high precision accuracy. Tool holders are driven by a servomotor that features high torque output and with low noise. Repeatability accuracy reaches 0.003 mm. 4,000 maximum high speed. Inside mechanism employs parallel cam, featuring high indexing accuracy and fast tool change. Turret clamping/ unclamping is operated through hydraulic power, assuring smooth motion and permitting for heavy duty machining. The turret can be programmed with random tool selection function. Tool Shank Specifications: VDI40, DIN69880, DIN5480 W20 X 0.8/ BMT65-ER32