Compact Magazine Barfeed with up to 3" Bar Capacity

832-65MP 770kg

This Compact Magazine Barfeed is great for small footprint uses with .2~3" Bar Capacity and 47"-59" lengths. 3-Bar Pushers and Bar Stand included.

Year: New
Location: Southern, CA
Status: New
Manufacturer: CNC Partner

High stability, high efficiency and low noise unit. Applicable for high-speed lathes. High feeding accuracy including turret colliding prevention function. Operates with touch screen. This unit has a internal anti-vibration clamping mechanism installed on the bar feed which helps prevent bars from vibration while ensuring machining accuracy. The wheel type anti-vibration device can be adjusted to suit bar sizes. No requirement to replace anti-vibration block saving operation costs. Bar channels are easy and quick to change. The bar stand is designed for quick fold and release, and the stand can be stored in he back of the bar feed when not in use. The unit offers optional moving rails, two linear rails allowing the bar feed to be moved effortlessly away from the back of the machine. This feature makes maintenance of the machine spindle much easier to perform. Includes a two-year warranty.