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Trade-In Program



Trade in Your CNC Lathes Machines Today!!!

We offer an amazing trade-in program for machine exchanges. Learn how you may qualify for CNC Lathes Machines exchanges and our line of products.


Every machine deserves a home. It may have been used for the last 20 years or just until the operator couldn't stand the way it functioned anymore. With our trade-in program, we will accept ANY machine with the purchase of a new machine. We even offer high-value prices on certain machines due to their popularity with our remanufacturing team. You can email us at for an inquiry with some details of the machine you are looking to trade in and what machine you are looking at purchasing. You can also use our Automated trade-in service by visiting our Contact Info Page by typing "Trade-In" in the subject box and providing your machine's Make, Model, Year, Special Features, and primarily cut material in the comment section.

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