GSK-RC Robot Controller & Hand Held Teaching Pendent
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GSK-RC Robot Controller (electrical box & teaching pendent) SJTR series servo motors, GE series AC synchronous servo drive unit, hypocycloid roller reducer. These items included with any quoted robot system. Multiple Language System selection by change of parameters.
GSK-RC Robot Controller (electrical box & teaching pendent) SJTR series servo motors, GE series AC synchronous servo drive unit, hypocycloid roller reducer. These items included with any quoted robot system. Multiple Language System selection by change of parameters.
Year: New
Location: Southern California
Price : US$995.00
Status: 8-16 Week Lead Time
Manufacturer: GSK CNC Equipment Co., LTD.
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GSK-RC Robot Controller & Hand Held Teaching pendent: Features
1. With most developed GSK-RC control systems the robot always optimizes acceleration/deceleration according to the actual load, as far as possible to shorten operation period.
2. The robot can monitor its motion and load, and optimize its service requirements by its built-in system information system(SIS), which gains a longer continuous working period.
3. Built-in robot controller based on ARM+DSP+FPGA hardware structure, controlled 4-8 axis, arithmetic speed up to 500MIPS, high-speed motion controlling on-site bus, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, CAN and the DeviceNet’s any one of these interfaces including continuous path teaching and online teaching, remote monitor and diagnosis functions.
4. The robot on-site bus (GSK-Link): high-speed real-time character, breaking contradiction between bandwidth and real time, combining communication rate and real-time control, resolving data real-time interaction problems among different modules.
5. Dynamic self-adaption identification control technology considering gravity, coriolis force, centrifugal force and other external forces, interference, apply self adaption identification control technology to improve the robots dynamic performance.

SJTR Series Servo Motor: Features
1. Motor provides the optimum electromagnetic design, low noise, stable operation and high efficiency.
2. Motor provides high performance rare-earth permanent magnetism material, perfect low-speed character and strong overloading capacity (3 times).
3. Motor design includes a 17-bit absolute high-speed and high accuracy photoelectric encoder, which can achieve a high accuracy control matched with a high-performance drive unit.
4. High-accuracy bearing and rotor with high-precision dynamic technologies to ensure that the motor is stable and reliable, less vibration and low noise when operating within the high speed range.
5. The motor can be reliable used in 15-40 ambient temperature and the dust oil-mist environment.
6. Motor has high torque inertial ratio and strong rapid response capacity.

GE Series AC Synchronous Servo Drive Unit: Features Including GE2000 (220V power supply) and GE3000 (380V power supply) uses the industrial ethernet bus communication interface latest developed by GSK, its servo parameters to be adjusted conveniently, simple interface, high stability, wide compatibility. Drive can be adaptive to incremental encoders and variety of 17-bit absolute encoders to realize open-loop and closed-loop control, which benefits robots, CNC machine tools, automation and other devices. Features:
1. Uses the industrial Ethernet bus communication transmission method to gain fast data transmission speed to to 100MBit/s.
2. Highest resistance to interference, error are: 10-12 least communication cycle: 50us;
3. Matched with servo motors which power is 0.1-12kW.
4.GE series matched with torque motor taken as a direct-drive rotary table, high positioning precision and fast speed.
5. Servo parameters can be conveniently adjusted.
6. Modifying servo parameters and monitoring servo states can be done in the robot system interface, GE absolute servos matched with robot bus system can realize the coordinate system power-down memory, and realize none debugging operations after powering back up.
7. Better low speed performances, high load inertia match dynamic response performance to meet use requirements of all robots.
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Control System Feature GSK RC
Teaching Method Teaching Playback
Drive Method AC Servo Drive
Number of controlled axis Six Axis
Position Control Method PTP/CP
Speed Control TCP Constant Speed Control
Coordinate System Axis coordinate, rectangular coordinate
Memory Medium Flash Memory
Memory Type GSK RC
Memory Capacity 32M
Memory Content Point, line, arc,
Action Type GSK RC
Interpolation Function Linear interpolation, arc interpolation
Manual Operation Speed 4 Levels Adjustable
Edit Add, input, delete and modify
External Control Input Type GSK RC
Condition Settings Set condition in program
General I/O Digit I/O Board, 32 points of each input/output, expandable, support the 2-way analog value output (0˜10V)
Application Welding, handling, coating and spraying etc.
Protection Mechanical anti-collision sensors, servo anti-collision sensors, position software limit, control cabinet.
Maintenance Check the abnormal records frequently
Anomaly Detection Emergency stop anomaly, control time sequence anomaly, servo anomaly, encoding disk anomaly, teach box anomaly, operation anomaly, spot welding anomaly, arc welding anomaly or sensor anomaly.
Diagnosis To diagnosis the connection between the robot control cabinet and the teach pendent
Origin Point Reset Preserve the position data of motor’s encoder by encoder battery it is unnecessary to perform the origin resetting for starting the machine each time (Note; Immediately change the battery based upon the systems’s prompts there is no need for batteries on the RMD120 and the RMD200 models.
Cooling System Air cooling
Noise 70˂dB
Ambient temperature/humidity range 0≈40°C (No Frost) /0≈90% RH (No Frost)
Power Supply Three-phase AC380V 50/60Hz (Single-phase AC220V in partial machines) ( Note; the robot to be exported will be configured according to vocal voltage)
Ground Special grounding for D class and above
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