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Fagor Automation 8037TS/ 8025T Replacement
Fagor Automation 8037TS/ 8025T Replacement
Year: New
Location: Special Order
Price : US$6,995.00
Status: New
Fagor Automation
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As a result of no remaining spare parts for the Fagor 8025T CNC controls the Fagor 8037TS as a direct replacement for analog systems. This is an analog CNC control sold by the Fagor service group not sold by the commercial group as a direct replacement for existing 8025T CNC controls
The FAGOR 8037 CNC was designed as a compact affordable CNC based upon the proven 8055 operating system primarily available as a backwords compatiable CNC replacement for the older FAGOR 8010/8020/8025 CNC Systems. The dimensions were engineered to exact Fagor 8025 CNC standards, thus replacement of the older generation CNC’s with a new modern featured CNC can be accomplished. This is any analog control to work with older systems. We can provide wiring instructions for the axis drive updates. In addition, part programs are easily converted to the 8037 CNC format via Fagor DNC software.

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