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Fagor Automation 8037T
Fagor Automation 8037T
Year: New
Location: Special Order
Price : US$5,995.00
Status: New
Fagor Automation
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CNC New, Inc. is purchasing complete Fagor CNC controls, motors and drives for our retrofit business for machine rebuilds. The 8037T control provides standard or indexing spindle function. The 8037 has the software programming characteristic’s of the 8055 but is the size of the original 8025T CNC controls. Because there are no longer spare parts for the 8025 the 8037 is intended to be used as a replacement control for the 8025T. This system requires we replace the original MCG analog motors with new Fagor or Schneider motors and drives and is a digital system with with in USB communications port.

Fagor Automation 8037T CNC Control Original Brochure/Digital System for complete axis motors and drives.
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GT-27 model lathes digital servo axis motor and drive package system Servo motors rated at (1.5kw, 1,500 Watts, 2hp, stall torque 6.3Nm, Maximum thrust X-Axis is 1411 lb and 6,280 newtons and maximum thrust Z-Axis 847 lb and 3,768 newtons)
5hp Standard or indexing spindle motor and drive package Optional selection of 5hp spindle motor and drives for GT-27 machine rebuilds
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