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GSK is already the number two largest CNC control builder in the world. Last year they sold over 100,000 CNC controls. They provide complete systems that include motors, drive and controls. The product is very modular by design and allows for a very easy exchange of major components for dealing with service issues. One of the benefits for us is quick delivery, no minimum orders, and stream lined integration interface process. This is a very aggressive full featured control with 2ms block processing and programs with G-codes and M-functions similar to Fanuc. We are using a servomotor and drive on the spindles of 5hp or 7.5hp to perform C-Axis function. This combination will provide best performance and number of duty cycles per minute and will also facilitate the use of live tools. The new GT-ISL design allows for the option of different turret table tooling heights. With the option of ¾” center height tooling the machine will allow for a much-expanded selection of live tool spindles and grinding attachments from earlier models. Listed below are the optional motor and drives that we can offer from this manufacture.

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