GSK CNC Controls
Several years ago while looking for a more affordable CNC control, motors and drives we purchased GSK products to see if they would be a quality alternative for our retrofit systems. After many years of building machines with these controls we have determined that they are a top quality product with more standard features than other PC based or hardened CNC manufacturing alternatives. The product is very modular by design and allows for a simple exchange of major components for ease of service if required. This is a very aggressive full featured control with 2ms block processing and programs with G-codes and M-functions similar to Fanuc. The 60mb hard drive, standard Ethernet and USB along with programmable 5-axis as standard features is just the beginning of the advantages to Fanuc and Haas controls. We are using a servomotor and drive on the spindles that perform full featured C-Axis functions while working with milling spindles on a lathe. The servomotors used for the spindle also increases duty cycles when compared to Vector motor systems common on Haas machines. The latest release of GSK CNC control 980TDi utilizes X & Z axis motors equipped with absolute encoders. This eliminates the requirement for homing switches, extends the useable travel of the machines and improves the ease of installation on new or rebuilt machines.

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