Full Length Magazine Bar Feed with up to 1-5/8" Bar Capacity

B326 770kg

Full Length Magazine Bar Feed (12.5') .3~1-5/8" diameters and feeds lengths 39" to 12.5' maximum lengths.

Year: New
Location: Southern, CA
Status: New
Manufacturer: CNC Partner

Bar Feed B326 is a servo driven bar feed for both sliding headstock and fixed headstock machines with the range of sizes .03~ .026 mm, .3~1-5/8" diameters, and feed lengths 1000~3200 mm lengths, 39" to 12.5' maximum lengths. High stability, high efficiency and low noise unit. This unit is a one-piece fabricated machine body, which features maximum durability and stability. The system allows for quick and convenient replacement of bar channels. Roller type anti-vibration can be adjusted according to bar sizes. Magazine capacity 010 (22) Pieces. The clamping mechanism mechanical structure ensures stable and smooth bar clamping in/out motions. Hand wheel control box operator can make adjustments to the work piece. User friendly HMI touch screen LCD display and malfunction alarm, easy to set up and operate the system. Bar feed controlled by a Mitsubishi AC servo motor providing fast and smooth motions with high positioning accuracy of bar. Unit has a built in powerful discharge pump that delivers oil to the bar channel to form an oil film that surrounds the bar. These bar feeders utilize Mitsubishi PLC controller enabling the entire motions to be operated smoothly. This bar feed can work with any CNC machine tool. The control system consists of high quality electronic components that ensure maximum stability of control performance and a very long reliable service life. Two-year warranty.