GT-15 Gang Tool Lathe Spindle Bore Options 2", 3" and 3.6"


GT-15 Industrial Slant Gang Tool Lathe: The GT-15 has a 97 mm center height from the original table and allows us to mount turrets, Y-Axis modules, combinations of Axial, Radial and Vertical live tools. With the 18" of Travel in the X-Axis, you have the ability to tool the machine for multiple set-ups. Use the Dropbox link to see additional accessories, photos and documents for these machines. Call to discuss your specific requirements.

Year: New
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Status: New
Manufacturer: CNC New, Inc.

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Spindle Bore 2.40 in, 61 mm; Drawtube Bore 1.96 in, 50 mm 

We are delighted to present the GT-15 and other models of gang tool lathes that are the affordable option for Mill-Turn options for turning centers. We are confident that you will find this product a versatile, flexible and reliable addition to your company’s manufacturing capabilities. Our single-piece heavy casting is the culmination of years of experience in machine tool manufacturing and offers the best features for gang tool and turret lathe construction

X-Travel:  18”

CNC Software/Hardware: 980TDi CNC control full-featured control with 2ms block processing and programs with G-codes and M-functions.

Encoders: 17-bit absolute

C-Axis: Available

Standard Features:

  • 4-Axis simultaneous control
  • 5-axis digital feed control
  • 2-axis analog feed control
  • LAN interface Ethernet Port
  • Complex Curve Surface Machining speed: 8m/min
  • Optimum Machining speed: 4m/min
  • Max. Positioning speed: 60m/min max
  • Feed-Rate: 15m/min 1000 block look-ahead and spline interpolation
  • Excellent high-precision and high-speed interpolation
  • Supports macro programs (Macro B) more concise programs
  • Supports PLC online monitoring, edit, compile and signal follow functions
  • Supports multiple languages with a change of a parameter
  • Supports RS232, USB and network interfaces and data transfer, DNC machining and USB on-line machining
  • Color LCD monitor with 800 X600 resolution 8.4 or Optional 10.4
  • Rigid tapping,
  • Graphic programming, run and test program by hand wheel
  • 208v (Range 190-240) 3-phase system electronics
  • 64M program space 60Mb user storage (program capacity)
  • We have also developed post processors for the GSK controls in Autodesk’s cloud product Fusion 360 CAM software to solve the programming challenges involved with this type of 5-Axis work.





Max Turning Diameter

15.74 in

400 mm

Max Swing Over Table

7.55 in

192 mm

Bar Capacity

1.96 in (Optional 2”)

50 mm   (52 mm)

Travels & Feedrates



X-Axis Travel

17.75 In

444 mm

Z-Axis Travel

13 In

330 mm

Rapid on X-Axis

590 in/min

15 m/mi

Rapid on Z-Axis

787 in/min

20 m/mm

Axis Max Feed Rate

400 in/min

10.15 m/min




Power Rating

10hp (Optional 15 hp)

7.5 kw (opt. 11 kw)


15 4,500


Spindle Bore

2.4 in

61 mm

Drawtube bore

1.96 in

50 mm

Spindle Nose



Collet Actuator

Hydraulic Cylinder





Integral Casting

One Piece Construction

Slant Angle 45 Degree

Rail Span

17.32 in

440 mm

Casting Weight

3,300 lbs

1,500 kgs

Linear Rails

X/Z 1.81 in P Accuracy

X/Z 30mm P Accuracy

Ball Screws Precision

X/Z Ground 1.26 in C3 Accuracy

X/Z Ground 32mm C3 Accuracy

Auto Lubrication

Linear rails and

ball screws

Head Stock

Cast Iron

Cast Iron

Turret Work Holding



Gang Turret Table HT.

3.818 in

97 mm

Table Length T-Slot

24.41 in

620 mm

Chuck Size

8 in


Center Height Holders

¾” center height tooling

Custom tool holders on request

Collet Nose Options






Positional Repeatability

±0.0001 (one tenth)

0.00254 mm

Positional Resolution

±0.00005(50 millionths)

0.00127 mm

Positional Accuracy

±0.0001 (one tenth)

0.00254 mm

Spindle Runout

0.00005 (50 millionths)

0.00127 mm

C-Axis Indexing

Increment 0.001°

360,000Radial Position




Coolant Capacity

18.5 gallons

70 Liters

Coolant Pump

3/4 hp

0.5 Kilowatt

Power Required

16 KVA- 42 amps

Voltage 208-240 VAC 3-Phase

Machine Dimension



Floor Space L X W

68 X 35 in

1,730 X 890 mm

Machine Height

63.00 in

1,600 mm

Sheet Metal Length

87.4 in

2,220 mm

Sheet Metal Width

56.6 in

1,438 mm

Machine Weight

4,500 lbs

2,045 kgs

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