GT-15 3-axis Gang Tool Lathe
Hardinge lathe, Accuturn, Omniturn, Accuslide, Fagor and Prodigy Replacement

CNC New, Inc. is now offering our new line of GT-15 (Gang Tool Industrial Slant Lathes) 3-axis CNC machines. Included in the new machines is a selection of Fanuc, Fagor and GSK CNC controls with the capability of perform indexing and interpolation functions through the use of an integrated C-axis.

For those unfamiliar with 2-axis, 3-axis and C-axis machines, a 2-axis lathe has the ability to modify objects on the X and Y axis meaning bottom to top, right to left. With a 3-axis CNC Lathe it can be modified, top to bottom, left to right, forward and back. C-axis is motion around the Z-axis which is the linear axis that represents both up and down motions. With a C-axis lathe, the spinning chuck rotates around the Z-axis which you would be programmed using C commands.

We're confident that you will find our 3-axis CNC gang tool lathes a versatile and reliable addition to your company's manufacturing capabilities.

View our entire line of GT-15 Lathes in our new equipment category.

The GT-15-25, for example, offers the best features for gang tool and turret lathe construction. It's single-piece heavy casting is the culmination of years of experience in machine tool manufacturing.

GT-15-25 Gang Tool Lathe specs
  • Max. X-Axis Travel 12.6 in 320 mm
  • Max. Z-Axis Travel 9.8 in 250 mm
  • Rapid on X-Axis 590 in/min 15 m/mm
  • Rapid on Z-Axis 787 in/min 20 m/mm
  • Axis Max Feed Rate 400 in/min 10.15 m/min
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    Made In America

    All of our components are available from our facility in Southern California we work closely with our suppliers to offer affordable CNC machine tools. Because of the improvements in mechanical and electrical components, these machines are far more reliable than past machines. We offer installation of live tooling systems, bar feed systems and loaders, along with turnkeys and tooling packages. We provide machine support, service, and parts for the life of your Lathe.

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