GT-ISL-25 Lathe CNC Machine
GT-ISL-25 lathe cnc machine

CNC New Inc. offers a line of high precision CNC lathe machines called the GT-ISL*. The GT-ISL-25 CNC lathe machinery 3-axis system includes a selection of Fagor, Fanuc and GSK controls with the capability to perform indexing and interpolation functions through the use of an integrated C-axis.

Quality Construction and Engineering
The New GT-ISL-25 Now Available!
  • Better Finishes
  • Longer Tool Life
  • Improved Accuracy
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    The Benefits of The New GT-ISL-25

    The GT-ISL-25 single piece casting has been designed with many access ports to improve its serviceability. The chip and coolant flow are directed to the rear of the machine, reducing size and conserving floor space. Cross slide Linear bearings provide for low friction feed.

    The GT-ISL-25 has a wide range of work holding options and comes with a standard 36mm diameter spindle with a 4,500 maximum rpm. The C-Axis spindle makes it posible to efficiently mill and turn difficult parts.

    The GT-ISL-25 offers flexibility to meet your needs. We will continue to offer updated affordable models of new CNC lathes for sale. CNC lathe machining is an ever changing field of technology. CNC turning machines and CNC lathe tooling and technology continues to evolve and improve. We intend to offer the best the industry has to offer.

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    *GT-ISL-25: Gang Tool Industrial Slant lathe

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