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GT-ISL-25 lathe cnc machine

CNC New Inc. offers the CNC parts and accessories you need to service your gang tool lathe. Tooling for gang tool lathes differs from other CNC equipment, gang tool holders need to be compact to take advantage of the lathes ability to be changed over. We offer many round shank and metric tooling holders that are ideal for gang tool lathes.

The New GT-ISL Gang Tool Lathe Now Available!
  • Better Finishes
  • Longer Tool Life
  • Improved Accuracy
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Controls, Tooling and Accesories we offer:

Precision machining is essential to modern industries this require parts with tight tolerances. Machining parts with such high precision requires advanced equipment, parts and accessories. CNC New inc. offers a range of parts, tooling and accessories to make sure you can maximize productivity. We only offer quality product manufactured with attention to detail.

Retrofit out-of-date CNC controllers with with new state of the art controllers. Retrofit controllers offer faster processing for smoother surfaces. They offer Ethernet for fast downloads. they have much large storage capacity and are a great deal more reliable than antiquated systems leading to higher productivity. The retrofit systems are easy to learn with a user-friendly interface and bright LCD screen making them much easier to operate.

Replace your out of date or no longer manufactured CNC equipment with new state of the art CNC parts and tooling. New parts offer many more years of use than refurbished parts. Refurbished parts are simply inferior to modern parts and equipment.

Whether you are making repairs or you need additional CNC tooling accessories check out our selection of parts, tooling and accessories.

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