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CNC New Inc. offers a wide selection of CNC retrofit controllers from Fagor, Fanuc and GSK. Every lathe has different requirements and we offer different Fagor, Fanuc and GSK Systems to fit your specific needs.

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Fagor Automation offers products that provide complete solutions for governing all kinds of machine tools. Fagor Offers the most complete range of systems from the simple to state-of-the-art.

GSK is a supplier of advanced sets of machine tool equipment. They offer systems for turning machines, milling, spindle servo motors, feed servo motors, feed servo drive device, and integration solutions as well. GSK invest heavily in research with over 400 research and development personnel.

FANUC systems are known throughout the world for their high reliability, high precision, high speed and their simple operation. There systems have an excellent reputation and are very popular with machine operators. FANUC controllers are avalible for the simplest lathes and mills to the most complex 5-axis machining and non-traditional machining applications.

Reasons Retrofit

There are many reasons to retrofiting out-of-date CNC machines with with new state of the art controllers.

In the end it comes down to this, getting your work done faster means higher profits.

See all our available a CNC controllers

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