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Accuslide/Hardinge Hardinge/Fagor 8040/or 8035T
Accuslide/Hardinge Hardinge/Fagor 8040/or 8035T
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Status: Remanufactured
CNC New, Inc
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With the new Schneider 550 watt motors to replace older MCG motors and new ball screws and linear rails we are now rebuilding slides that will last for many years. Exchange of Fagor 8025T controls for the new Fagor 8035TS CNC control.
PDF Documentation
AccuslideBrochure pdf
X Travel 10" (optional 14")
Z Travel 6" (optional 10")
Motors Glentek 3000rpm 120oz/inch
Tool Mounting Surface Standard Tslot 5/16 x 1/2 x 5/8, 6" x 12" Ground steel platen, Quickchange tool plates (optional)
Tooling 1/2 Standard Hardinge Type (100 Series) , 3/8 Standard Hardinge Type (200 Series)
Encoders X and Z Axis 1000 line , Spindle 1024 line
Tolerances Resolution .00002 , Accuracy .00001 , Repeatability .00005
CNC New, Inc. 1414-B S. Ritchey St. Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: 1-800-662-3351 or 1-949-218-4393 Fax: 1-949-388-5615
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